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Born:  March  13, 2009

 Weight 80 lbs

Dixie was our first baby, so of course she is spoiled rotten! However, she is brilliant.  She watched my daughter climb the fence in the yard, and she learned from it!  She climbs fences!  She became our escape artist! Ha ha!
Dixie is very dominant, she feels as if our whole yard is hers to protect.  She's a very good watch-dog.  In fact, whatever comes in our yard whether it be a rabbit, bird, doesn't matter, Dixie WILL wake you up if you are sleeping! :) 
Dixie is also a very loving German Shepherd, and will do just about anything to get your attention! Being that Dixie was our first puppy, we decided to name our kennel after her.  So, it became  "Dixie's Stampede of Huskies".